Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 10

3 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 10 CONTENTS COVER IMPACT POWER SOLUTIONS ( IPS ) 2 EDITOR’S NOTES 7 OPENING LINES 15 BOOKMARKED 17 POWER QUESTION CONSTRUCTION VIEW 21 WATERCOLOUR WESTPORT At home with nature 29 TIMMERMAN TIMBERWORKS Building for the future MANUFACTURING VIEW 39 FORGE TECH INC. ‘Forging’ ahead with AST solutions ENERGY VIEW 49 THE TEXAS OIL & NATURAL GAS SECTOR A report on the industry FRANCHISE 57 TACO RICO TEX-MEX CAFÉ Fresh food, fresh ideas 65 FLOOR COVERINGS INTERNATIONAL Good growth by design CLEAN & GREEN 75 THE AQUAPONICS ASSOCIATION Changing the way we do food 83 U.S. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL Committed to a sustainable built environment 91 AG TECHNOLOGIES, INC. ( SOLARCAM) Solar solutions for rural America 99 CONTINENTAL ENERGY SOLUTIONS Greening the Illinois economy 107 FOSLER CONSTRUCTION Here comes the sun 113 IMPACT POWER SOLUTIONS ( IPS ) Committed to solar 137 119 SUPERIOR FRESH The art of regenerative agriculture PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 131 FIRST BANK ”Personal Bankers. Real Relationships” 137 SEACOMM FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Expanding excellence 149 BANK OF ROMNEY You’re Someone Special Here HEALTHCARE VIEW 161 THE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATION Now is the Time to Reimagine and Reinvest in America’s Nursing Homes