Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 10

139 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 10 SEACOMM FEDERAL CREDI T UNION Neighbors in Watertown, New York. We were able to request from NCUA a charter expansion into two additional counties (Jefferson County and Lewis County, New York) to accommodate that merger. It was a small, single branch credit union; fortunately for us they were just leasing and we’ll continue that lease until we complete a full branch construction. We have a purchase sale agreement now for some new property and are planning that new buildout for the spring of 2022. “And we have since opened a second location in the State of Vermont. We’re primarily located in northern New York State, but we did start an expansion and completed the construction of our second location in Essex, Vermont – both of those branches are doing very well. And we’re excited to complement the east side of our market now with the west side; the new merger has us focused on opening a new branch over there, as well. “In 2015, we built a new headquarters using our design/build firm, PWCampbell, out of Pittsburgh. And then we started building new branches in Malone and Plattsburgh, NY, and now South Burlington and Essex, Vermont, and soon to be Watertown, NY. They are all the same look, feel, and design. My philosophy is that when you walk into a SeaComm branch, I want you to know where the teller line is but also where our coffee is located. So you feel comfortable when you come into any one of our locations.” BVM: How is in-branch banking being affected by technology? Wilson: “Obviously, drive-thru transactions had an uptick last year and we haven’t really seen