Business View Magazine | October 2020

9 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2020 OPENING L INES DIGITAL LEARNING PLATFORM ACHIEVE LAUNCHES JUST IN TIME T SUPPORT REMOTE LEARNERS IN COLLEGE THIS FALL A fter four years of rigorous testing by educators and students, Macmillan Learning’s new digital learning platform, chieve, launched in college classes throughout the U.S. this fall semester. Research from Inside Higher Ed and The Boedeker Group shows that student engagement was a top challenge as instructors transitioned to virtual classes this spring and remains a concern this fall. During the spring 2020 semester, instructors using Achieve reported their students were more engaged both in and outside of class when they compared to other classes they were teaching without Achieve. “Engagement is critical to a student’s success, and a sense of support and collaboration can be challenging to create by just watching videos or clicking through information. Achieve makes learning more active, which is more important than ever with virtual and hybrid classes. It’s making a difference for students, with data demonstrating better understanding, grades, and exam scores when students use Achieve,” said Susan Winslow, President, Macmillan Learning. Active learning is embedded in Achieve’s design, and can be used in traditional, online, hybrid, blended, or a fully “flipped” classroom, with options for both synchronous and asynchronous learning to support engagement -- no matter where students are. This flexibility was especially critical this past spring semester when many instructors had to transition from