Business View Magazine | October 2020

348 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2020 AT A GLANCE MOHAVE COUNTY, ARIZONA WHAT: A county of 212,000 WHERE: In the northwestern corner of the state WEBSITE: M ohave County, Arizona is located in the northwestern corner of the state. At 13,461 square miles, it is the 2nd largest county in Arizona, and the 5th largest in the U.S. The county consists of two sections divided by the Grand Canyon, with no direct land communication between them. The northern section, smaller and less populated, forms the western part of the Arizona Strip, bordering Utah and Nevada. The larger southern section borders Nevada and California across the Colorado River, which forms most of the county’s western boundary. The southern section includes Kingman, the county seat, and other cities, as well as part of the Mojave Desert. There are 18 official wilderness areas in Mohave County that are part of the National Wilderness Preservation System, including parts of Grand Canyon National Park and Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and all of the Grand Canyon–Parashant National Monument. The Kaibab, Fort Mojave, and Hualapai Indian Reservations also lie within A P R I M E P L A C E