Business View Magazine | October 2020

280 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2020 their partnership and we work hard with all our companies to help them grow and continue to be successful.” For small businesses, the County has loan funding available through Wells County Revitalization to assist in entrepreneurial endeavors. The money was seeded through the USDA Rural Business Development Grant fund. The availability of skilled talent is vital in order to continue to support the increased business investment taking place within Wells County. A strong focus has been placed on increasing infrastructure, access to attainable housing products, as well as awareness of quality of place assets within the community to help with attracting key talent. Wells County boasts opportunities to work from home, as well as find a good paying quality job locally. Talent plays a vital role in continuing the forward momentum that Wells County is currently experiencing. Summing up the best attributes of Wells County, Kline shares, “This community offers a wide range of opportunities to be, and do, whatever you want. Entrepreneurial opportunities; rural/ urban opportunities; greenspace with the parks systems, the Wabash River, Oaubache State Park, walking and biking trails; dozens of kayakers and canoers on the river at one time, enjoying the water. It’s great to see. For businesses, we have low taxes, great infrastructure, and a very friendly and open community that welcomes you with open arms.” PREFERRED VENDOR n James S. Jackson Company 260-824-0918 General Contractor, Design/Build, Industrial, Institutional, Commercial, Municipal