Business View Magazine | October 2020

27 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2020 a lot of innovative equipment,” Barlow explains. “We developed a battery-powered welding system, where we could go in and work in finished facilities without streaming wires and cords. The focus was on innovative equipment and systems to resolve technically complicated project scenarios.” “In that time frame too, we built our first panel table system,” Barlow continues. “It’s a way to modularize the work, where you do a lot of work on the ground and lift up modularized components. The conventional way is you put one piece of steel in the air at a time. We developed this panelizing process, where we would combine multiple components into one modularized piece and set that up on the roof. We did a 1.4 million-sq.-ft. project in Tracy, California – it was the biggest one up until that time – and we used this new technique. Today, both the equipment and our processes are patented. That was really the beginning point when we became different; it’s really what sets Quality Overhead Rigging Products Serving professionals from off road racing, touring production, construction, manufacturing and the ski industry. JM RIGGING Your One Stop Shop Located In Beautiful Southern Utah 423 W. COAL CREEK RD. STE #4, CEDAR CITY, UT 84721 435-865-5762 | WWW.JMRIGGING.COM BUI LDING ZONE INDUSTR I ES