Business View Magazine | October 2019

93 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2019 NORTHERN COMPOSITES Taking it further N orthern Composites, a distributor of premium quality composite materials, began life somewhat modestly with a few employees acting as the sales force for Burlington Glass Fabrics (now BGF Industries), a fiberglass manufacturer based in Greensboro, NC . “We’ve been around since 1965,” recounts Dick Hewett, President of Northern Composites since 2014. “We had some space in a plumber’s yard in Southampton, New Hampshire. Back then, we were only selling fiberglass; we’re now selling a variety of different products. We changed our name in 2011 to Northern Composites because it better reflected what we did; we weren’t just a fiberglass sales agent, anymore.” In fact, today, with a complement of 26 full-time people, the company’s products include: Process Materials, Adhesives, Prepegs (“pre-impregnated” composite fibers where a thermoset polymer matrix material, such as epoxy, or a thermoplastic resin is already AT A GLANCE NORTHERN COMPOSITES WHAT: A distributor of premium quality composite materials WHERE: Hampton, New Hampshire WEBSITE: