Business View Magazine | October 2019

7 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2019 OPENING L INES HEATING OIL INDUSTRY COMMITS TO NET-ZERO EMISSIONS BY 2050 T he Northeast’s heating oil industry has resolved to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2050. This ambitious goal was set at the Northeast Industry Summit held during the 2019 Heating & Energizing America Trade Show (the HEAT Show) at the Rhode Island Convention Center, organized by NEFI and association partners. The industry’s resolution calls for a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2023, a 40% reduction by 2030, and net-zero-carbon emissions by 2050. The resolution also directs industry associations and other groups assembled at the meeting to work with each other to achieve these emissions reductions. Event moderator Charles Uglietto, of Cubby Oil & Energy in Somerville, MA, raised the resolution, which was seconded by Rick Bologna, of Westmore Fuel in Greenwich, CT, and it passed unanimously. When Uglietto asked if there were any objections, none were raised. “I am thrilled that our industry came together to support a cleaner and greener future for our environment, our customers and the entire Northeast region,” said Uglietto. “Resolving to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint positions our industry as a key player in the climate change discussions happening in halls of government, local communities and dinner tables across the country.”