Business View Magazine | October 2019

255 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2019 TOWN OF ER IN, ONTAR IO Ministry of the Environment our environmental assessment on the wastewater system – a full engineering report that’s been there almost 16 months, and had three Part 2 orders put against it. Anybody can submit Part 2 orders, saying they didn’t think we looked at this, that, or the other. Two were from neighboring municipalities that were afraid we were going to dump wastewater into the river. They were unaware that with the new biofilter systems, you can drink the water coming out at the end. The third one was from a local resident who thought we didn’t consider enough alternative methods. We were looking at a pretty conventional gravity-fed wastewater system with a biofilter modular plant that would treat the water. “It’s not our role to appease the people who put up roadblocks, our role is to answer to the Ministry. We had our engineering firm, the Ainley Group, resubmit another report, which cost us more money, to answer the Part 2 orders that were put against the assessment. The Ministry has to