Business View Magazine | October 2019

208 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2019 football, and more. In addition the stadium also hosts the University’s undergraduate graduation exercises every spring. This past year, former Kent State quarterback, Julian Edelman, now a wide receiver for the New England Patriots of the NFL, returned to Kent State to receive the diploma that he started working toward in 2006. “I believe it is important to finish what you start,” he said. “It is important to me that I make my parents proud, as I fulfill a promise that I made to them that I would, one day, be a college graduate.” Rush stresses that the stadium could not operate efficiently but for the teamwork among his full- time Facility Managers, Jimmy Fetzer and Mark Crohgan, four graduate assistants, numerous undergraduate students, as well as other university department personnel. “It takes a lot of hands- on love and care for the stadium to perform the way it should,” he states. “Before a football game, it takes my entire staff, plus the balance of the athletic department, and other university personnel. Dix Stadium brings together a lot of different stakeholders into the facility – different athletic programs, different university personnel, and different fans. It’s a multi-purpose stadium. It started off as a football stadium, but has evolved to support soccer, lacrosse, and other University events. The entire University takes a lot of pride in it, and every year, we try to make it the best version of itself.” Matt Papatheodorou, Director of Athletic Marketing Strategy agrees. “More than anything, I think the longevity of the stadium, the modifications that have occurred over time to try to evolve and grow a better experience for each and every person who walks into the stadium, would be the most important takeaway,” he declares. “It’s paramount that every decision that’s made is done with the intent to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone who attends an event. It truly is a multi-purpose facility, utilized by many teams throughout the year. The department is always looking for opportunities and ways to best use this dynamic space.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Kent State University Hotel & Conference Center Our Director of Sales and Catering, Mary Kline, would love to assist you with your special event. She specializes in creating beautiful events that will make memories for a lifetime. Call her directly at 330-968-6921 to discuss your special event ideas.