Business View Magazine - October 2018

86 87 ANDERSON AUTOMOTIVE GROUP ALL IN THE FAMILY T he Anderson Automotive Group is a family-owned-and-operated group of automobile dealerships in North and South Carolina. “I’m the third generation in our business,” says Michael An- derson, the company’s current President. “Our start began with my grandfather,W.H. Ander- son. He came out of World War II and went to work at a parts counter in a small Chevrolet store. He worked his way up and did well and assumed more and more responsibility with the dealer and, over time, they became pretty close. At some point there was a neighboring Chevrolet dealer that went out of business and there was an opportunity for another dealer to move in. So, my grandfather’s boss sponsored him and gave him a loan to go into business for himself. He became a Chevrolet dealer in 1955 in a little town called Creedmoor. He continued to do well and ended up getting an-