Business View Magazine - October 2018

50 51 AT A GLANCE ISAIAH INDUSTRIES, INC. WHAT: A manufacturer of classic metal roofing systems WHERE: Headquarters in Piqua, Ohio WEBSITE: CLASSIC METAL ROOFING SYSTEMS B ased in Piqua,Ohio,with branches in the communi- ties of Dubuque, Iowa and Louisville, Kentucky, Isaiah Industries, Inc. is a collection of metal roof brands and permanent roofing solutions for homes and buildings across North America and the world. Its products are present- ed and packaged for the end user by architects, homeowners’ associations, architectural review boards, condominiumman- agement groups, general contractors, and a nationwide network of dealerships.The company’s lowmaintenance, durable roofing systems offer sustainability, energy efficiency, and beauty. Its name was chosen as homage to the Biblical prophet Isaiah. Isaiah Industries, Inc.was founded in 1980, but the roots of the business go back a lot further.The following timeline reflects the evolution of the company, as well as the inventions and innovations in metal formulation that made its present manifestation possible: 1886-Charles Martin Hall developed a cost effective method