Business View Magazine - October 2018

338 339 C annaRoyalty Corp. provides investors unique access to diverse, high potential assets in North America’s emerging cannabis market. The Company focuses on building and supporting a diversified portfolio of growth-ready assets in key segments of the cannabis sector, including research, consumer brands, devices, and intellectual property. Serving customers in the United States and Canada, CannaRoyalty’s management team combines a hands-on under- standing of the cannabis industry with seasoned expertise in achieving business development objectives and growth. There is no disputing that cannabis is generating a buzz throughout North America. As of October 17, 2018, marijuana will be officially rec- AT A GLANCE CANNAROYALTY CORPORATION WHAT: An active investor and operator in the legal cannabis sector in North America WHERE: Headquarters in Ottawa, Canada WEBSITE: THE CANNABIS CONVERSATION CannaRoyalty Corporation