Business View Magazine - October 2018

286 287 strive to achieve with them and deliver to them on a daily basis. So, we take that to the market. We push ourselves out there as high-quality workers of integrity to service an industry.” Going forward, Peet says that CMD has a couple of new projects in the works that could soon re- quire a doubling of the company’s square footage and an increase of its employee count by a third. “Technology is part of CMD’s strategic plan and it’s utilized every day in many capacities, here,” he states. “We’re consistently implementing those new technologies into our practical applications in a variety of our departments to seek process improvement, improve our efficiency, and to break down the silos that exist in all organizations. There are some new technologies, out there, that we’re partnering with right now, and through those technologies, we’ve got some things on the horizon that could cause us to see that growth.” found that we’ve been able to separate ourselves, locally, across the nation, and internationally.” Peet maintains that while, heretofore, job shops like CMD didn’t need to market themselves ag- gressively, because their customers sought them out, today, they need to be more proactive. “We’ve changed our approach to include hiring a guy like myself,” he avers, “someone to interact with our current clients as well as bridge the gap between what we can do better for them and how else we can service them. And, while we’re doing that, we’re also going out and reaching new markets and new industries that didn’t realize there was a need for a job shop: ‘Hey, instead of doing this in-house, why not outsource it to a professional? We can save you this amount of money.’With that being said, the value of Cameron Manufacturing & Design will never be found in the dollar sign. It’s found in the transparency of our relationships and the standard of quality and excellence we PREFERRED VENDOR n Nivert Metal Supply, Inc. Nivert Metal Supply, Inc. is the leading metals supplier in northeastern Pa. With 125,000 SF warehouse, 7,000 ton of inven- tory, extensive cutting capabilities, compa- ny-own truck fleet and years of experience, Nivert Metal is ready to serve the metal needs of any customer from the largest fabri- cator to the smallest household. CAMERON MANUFACTURING & DESIGN, INC.