Business View Magazine - October 2018

218 219 DRIVEN BY DIVERSITY AT A GLANCE CITY OF WINKLER, MANITOBA WHAT: Economic hub; population 13,500 WHERE: Southern Manitoba WEBSITE: L ocated on the western edge of the scenic Red River Valley, the City of Winkler shines as the shopping, industrial, and entertainment hub of southern Manitoba. A small city by pop- ulation,Winkler’s status as a regional cen- ter for commerce, agriculture, and industry hold it in good stead for continued growth and sustainable economic development. Approximately 30 percent of the work force is employed in the industrial sector. Health and education is the second-largest employ- er, and the region’s agricultural sector is one of the most productive and diversified in Manitoba. As Mayor for the last 12 years, Martin Harder adores the City of Winkler for many reasons. “I’m proud to be part of a rapidly growing community of about 13,500 that, as of the last census, has achieved number one growth for any Manitoba community over 5,000– including Winnipeg. And we were number 11 in Canada.With that growth comes a lot of challenges. The most promi- nent has been developing a community with WINKLER City of Manitoba