Business View Magazine - October 2018

216 217 MOOSE JAW, SASKATCHEWAN water security in three ways. First, our water source is 20 km away and we’re now upgrading that in- frastructure with a $23-million project to upgrade our water lines. Secondly, our internal water lines and sewer system— that’s a 20-year program to ensure everyone’s water lines have been fixed and upgraded. Thirdly, we’re surrounded by farming communities and Regional Municipalities and I be- lieve, as a regional leader,we need to secure a water source to take us from a drought and flood cycle to having predictable sustainable water for crops. “Moose Jaw is a global trading partner with south- east Asia.We’ve got the rail lines that take our crops out to Vancouver for shipment overseas.We also ship to the U.S. and send seed down to Mex- ico.We have to ensure that Saskatchewan is a re- liable food source for the global partners we deal with; especially, Southeast Asia – they’re looking for a sustainable food provider for the long term PREFERRED VENDOR n G. Ungar Construction Ltd. G. Ungar Construction is a family owned and operated business that was incorporated in 1983. From its humble be- ginnings as an agricultural-based, land remediation company, Ungar Construction has grown to a diversified civil contractor offering services in trunk main water and sewer construction, lift station construction, road and rail bed construction, gravel crushing, pipeline and lease construction, gravel crushing, pipeline, land remediation, disaster support to CN & CP Rail, and power line construction for Saskpower. Ungar Construction services CN & CP Rail, Saskpower, Mosaic & Agrium, JRI, LDC and Cargill on the agricultural side, and towns and cities throughout Saskatchewan. It employs more than 100 people during the peak season, and has a working fleet of more than 150 units consisting primarily of CAT equipment. Ungar Construction currently operates 2 service shops in the Town of Theodore. and that’s what we need to be.” BVM: What are Moose Jaw’s objectives for the next five years? Mayor Tolmie: “We need to have self-awareness of who we are and not be afraid to lead.We want to work collaboratively with different levels of government to fix the infrastructure challenges we’re dealing with, so we can solve some of the future economic problems that the city, province, and country will face. “We want to go from being reactive to proactive and that’s difficult to do. It takes time and mon- ey, and people don’t generally like handing over their dollars to government unless there’s a solid plan. So, we’re trying to figure out the future – which is a moving target –but we have to ensure we have the basic foundations, such as water security, in place first; along with an aggressive plan to market our amazing community.” Enjoy our original Business View feature –Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan: “Surprisingly Unexpected”–at https://busi- ly-unexpected/