Business View Magazine - October 2018

184 185 S ustainable CT is a voluntary certification program to recognize thriving and resil- ient Connecticut municipalities. An inde- pendently funded, grassroots, municipal effort, Sustainable CT provides a wide-ranging menu of best practices. Municipalities choose from a range of actions, implement them, and earn points toward certification. Sustainable CT was created by towns, for towns. Municipal leaders and residents from across the state, the Connecticut Conference of Municipal- ities, and people from key agencies, non-profits, and businesses, all partnered to develop the program during 2016 and 2017. Sustainable CT is proud to be a part of the National Network of Statewide-Local Sustainability Organizations (N2S2O) and to co-chair the Steering Committee. Lynn Stoddard is Executive Director of the Insti- tute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecti- cut State University. The Institute spearheaded and coordinated the development of Sustainable CT and administers the program and certification AT A GLANCE SUSTAINABLE CT WHAT: A sustainability certification program for Connecticut towns WHERE: Office in Willimantic, CT WEBSITE: LOCAL ACTIONS - STATEWIDE IMPACT Sustainable CT