Business View Magazine - October 2018

140 141 USGreenBuildingCouncil– Maryland Chapter SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS AND COMMUNITIES W ith a mission to use education, advoca- cy, and community outreach to sup- port the development of sustainable buildings and communities, USGBC Maryland is committed to a prosperous and sustain- able future for the state of Maryland through cost efficient and energy saving green buildings.  Recently, Business View Magazine submitted several questions to Rhiannon Jacobsen, Vice President for Market Transformation & Develop- ment at USGBC Maryland. The following are her written responses: BVM: Can you tell us a little about the history of the USGBC? What was in the minds of its found- ers? What was the need that the USGBC felt had to be filled? Did the mission change over the years? What is the current mandate of the Council? Jacobsen: “The U.S. Green Building Council, or USGBC, was founded in 1993 by David Gottfried, Mike Italiano and Rick Fedrizzi. At that point, while the environmental movement possessed