Business View Magazine - October 2018

120 121 RegionalAirport A VIABLE ALTERNATIVE E ven a regional airport can find a niche market and thrive because of it. A case in point is the Statesville Regional Airport in North Carolina. The Airport was built around 1935,” explains Airport Manager, John M. Ferguson, “and it was just a small little sleepy grass field airport. It went through some changes that you would expect over the years. In the ’50s they paved the main runway and then in the ’60s, added a North-South runway. But, to be honest, the main catalyst that really caused this Airport to expand was in 1999, when they closed the north- south runway and turned it into a taxiway which allowed people to AT A GLANCE STATESVILLE REGIONAL AIRPORT WHAT: A general aviation airport WHERE: Iredell County, North Carolina WEBSITE: www.states- munity-profile/states- ville-regional-airport