Business View Magazine - Nov 2023

116 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 11 “Having such a seasoned team on board has significantly lightened my load. Their collective experience marks a transformative phase for e-Zinc, setting us on a trajectory for rapid growth,” he says. Strategic Partnerships: The Backbone of e-Zinc’s Success Alongside a strong leadership team, partnerships often play a pivotal role in propelling a company forward. For e-Zinc, these collaborations have provided strategic advantages and fostered a culture of mutual growth and learning. Larsen expresses his profound gratitude towards Toyota, a significant investor and upcoming customer of e-Zinc. “Toyota’s support has been invaluable. They’ve assessed our production process, integrating their renowned Toyota production system and Kaizen approach to enhance our operations. Their proprietary molding techniques, logistical prowess, and even a tour of their manufacturing facility in Cambridge have all contributed to setting a high standard for our team.” Howard chimes in, emphasizing the depth of their collaboration with Toyota. “The strategic resources they offer will significantly accelerate our production and operational excellence. It’s a privilege to have such a sophisticated partner engaging deeply with us at this stage.” Larsen continues, highlighting other key partners. “Naden Engineering, led by Mark Naden, has been instrumental. With his background in zinc-based energy storage, he’s been crucial in manufacturing power electronics for our system. Magna, a tier-one automotive supplier, has also been incredibly supportive, offering logistics, shipping, and customs expertise. We’re exploring further collaborations with them.” Howard adds, “Magna’s vast knowledge in logistics and shipping has been invaluable. Instead of starting from scratch, we’re leveraging their expertise, and they’ve been a fantastic partner in this journey.” expertise doesn’t stop there. Rob later transitioned to the renewable energy sector, gaining experience in solar and inverter companies. His journey, from early production stages to mass manufacturing, aligns perfectly with our vision for e-Zinc. His insights into the steps required to scale up will be instrumental in our growth.” Larsen then shifts the spotlight to Balki Iyer, highlighting his impressive track record. “Iyer is no stranger to leadership roles. Having been groomed under GE’s leadership program, he’s helmed his own ventures and led successful startups. His most recent stint as the Chief Commercial Officer of EOS, a zinc-bromine flow battery company, saw him selling a gigawatt-hour of projects in a single quarter. His deep understanding of the market and ability to sell at such a scale is commendable.” Larsen continues, “Then there’s Rhonda Landers, our CFO, whose expertise spans both public and private sectors. She has led IPO processes and has a keen understanding of strategic finance. Her ability to seamlessly integrate with Rob’s operations, Iyer’s commercial insights, and Zaki’s technological prowess is invaluable.”