Business View Magazine l November 2022

82 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 11 work. We plan to continue deepening our current partnerships and bringing on new technology where it’s applicable. That being said, the products we are installing today can work for years to come so that’s already a great choice for our customers.” RES have a handful of partners working together to share resources in their alliance. They share a desire to accelerate the adoption of solar energy, to expand the industry, and to continue building the reputation of solar - making it not just a mystical thing for the general public. Renu sees major benefits for consumers through the Inflation Reduction Act. The Federal government has raised the tax credit for installing solar systems from 22% back to 30% - which is where it was for about 10 years in the early two thousands. With that increased tax credit written into law, monthly payments on these solar loans are even lower. “We strive to be a provider of information from a reputable, trusted resource,” implores Sheldon. “We’re not pushy sales people. We’re consultants. We educate people on their options and then let the homeowner decide for themselves. It works for us - taking care of people and the environment one panel at a time.” our footprint in neighborhoods. So you don’t just see one Renu system, you see several Renu systems. And really working to develop our brand as the obvious choice,” he elaborates. “We will do that by making the process simple for people. We are working to grow our commercial PREFERRED VENDORS/PARTNERS n SolarReviews SolarReviews is the largest solar lead provider in the United States. SolarReviews offers verified leads to help you grow your business. A steady stream of new, reliable work is imperative to make a successful solar installation company into one that thrives, so work with SolarReviews to thrive. n REC Group