Business View Magazine l November 2022

59 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 11 CH FOUR BIOGAS Top client performance with the environment in mind C H Four Biogas is a leading process engineering and design firm specializing in biogas systems ranging in feedstock from agricultural, municipal, and co-digestion of various inputs. Based in Manotick, ON, the company designs biogas production facilities that match the client’s specifications and requirements, drawing on its rich history in the industry, dating back to 2008. “I brought the technology over from Europe and formed a new company in Ottawa, Ontario,” says Benjamin Strehler, Chief Executive Officer at CH Four Biogas. “I saw Canada had the right conditions, so we completed the technology transfer and built the first couple of plants in Ottawa Valley. We started replacing European components with North American ones as we built additional plants. Within a brief time, we had an entirely North American supply chain except for very few European components.” As biogas technology matures, CH Four Biogas utilizes a Kaizen-like incremental improvement approach, implementing 5% technology improvements in every new project, resulting in entirely new technology in every twenty projects. “Today, our technology is very different from what it once was, placing us at the leading edge of biogas technology in North America.” CH Four has customers in Ontario, the Atlantic provinces, and the Eastern seaboard of the United States, including New York, Maine, and Massachusetts. “Our services now reach California and Georgia, and we’re now in Latin America, too,” Strehler says.