Business View Magazine l November 2022

126 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 11 he markets olio A nswering the growing demand for top- rated stock performance, Trade Ideas was born in 2002 and started collecting revenues in January of 2003. Proving to be very successful from the get-go, the company has been an innovation leader and must-have stock scanner for all active traders for nearly two decades. Since day one, their mandate has been simple: help their subscribers make better decisions in the US equity markets. While this core consumer promise has never changed, how the company assists its customers in making better decisions than the market has, via technological advancements. David Aferiat, Cofounder and Managing Partner of Trade Ideas, recounts an impactful interaction at the beginning of his journey, “I was cornered once at a conference, before I was meant to give a speech, and was asked ‘What’s your unfair advantage?’ Ever since then, we’ve really honed into what makes us different from others in the field.” This unfair advantage is achieved by combining human and machine approaches to analyzing market opportunities. The outcome or product that a subscription to Trade Ideas provides is a plan for active investors to find opportunities in the US equity markets they hadn’t thought of or been able to see before. By taking a route that utilizes AI and human insight, the company has been able to change traders’ lives. Since the company started in 2003, the software part of its offering has been streamlined and honed into what it is today. Which has meant that it is now one of the most potent investment scanning tools on the market, and in some regards, it’s more than just a scanning tool. The scale of the development is hard to comprehend. Aferiat describes this meteoric rise in development as going from a farmer allowing