Business View Magazine l November 2022

124 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 11 place where it may not be so good. I only have so much control over what good leadership looks like. I don’t work on these employees’ job sites but they will know the difference between what type of leadership style I embody as a staffing agency and what sort of agency they work for… I take my little windows of opportunity and I try to add big input.” Looking into the future, De Lima hopes to make the company a household name in the industry, “I definitely see us establishing ourselves as the go-to company, specifically on the west side. I live in Kaaupe’a Hawaiian Homestead and I’m from Waianae. I love the west side. This is where my heart is, this is where my passion is - to serve the communities, the people, the clients here, so I definitely see us being a well-established native Hawaiian-owned staffing agency on the west side of Hawaii serving all of Hawaii.” and make them feel as if they are permanent employees, or make them feel just as special whether we have them for two weeks or for two years.” De Lima highlights that most of Hawaii live paycheck to paycheck due to the high cost of living in the state, so she offers free financial literacy seminars, free lunch and learn opportunities, as well as many of the benefits not offered by other staffing agencies like company barbeques, Christmas parties, team building activities that include volunteering in the community and much more. She explains, “I would think in most companies this is all pretty normal protocols, but in the staffing world it’s not. It’s not something that is a practice. I think maybe people get mailed out a gift card or a Christmas card or something like that, but we really try to build rapport with staff. That builds loyalty, it builds good morale in a