Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 11

31 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 11 MY CHARLOTTE REAL ESTATE AGENTS Quality of service, quality of life W hen Co-owner and Partner of My Charlotte Real Estate Agents, Michael Wong, took a break from the corporate world to spend a month exploring Africa, he didn’t know at the time that his next step would be real estate. He shares, “After college, I went into the financial management program at General Electric, which is one of the oldest management programs in the country. I went up the ranks throughout General Electric, and was later lured to be the Chief Financial Officer for a furniture company here in Charlotte. I did that for about four years. I was still relatively young and decided that it just wasn’t the life for me, the culture wasn’t a good fit. So, I took a step back, spent some time with family, traveled to Africa for a month… I climbed Kilimanjaro, went on safari. And when I came back, I was still very corporate minded.” After a friend suggested real estate, Wong decided to get his real estate license, thinking of it as an opportunity to learn something new while he continued job hunting. He recounts, “I started the AT A GLANCE MY CHARLOTTE REAL ESTATE AGENTS WHAT: A Real Estate Agency under Fathom Realty Brokerage WHERE: Charlotte, North Carolina WEBSITE: