Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 11

208 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 11 AT A GLANCE SIMPLE AGAIN WHAT: Offering natural whole foods nutrition through Performance Food Centers juice bars and swiig retail line WHERE: Headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania WEBSITE: SIMPLE AGAIN T wenty-five years ago Dan Young was very ill. He was in his early 40s, exercised daily, took the supplements recommended to him and yet found himself struggling with fatigue, brain fog, cramping, thrush, and constipation. As time went on, his condition got worse. After two years of suffering and being bounced around from specialist to specialist, he wasn’t improving. So he fired his doctors and turned to whole foods – reading and researching everything he could find about nutrition. Within a year and a half of changing his dietary habits, the now CEO of Simple Again had healed himself. “I became ill because of the foods I was eating,” Young explains. “I realized that everything I needed to do to correct my own conditions and my health challenges was actually in my own pantry, my own refrigerator. I healed myself using whole foods to help me in that process.” Through his ordeal, Young found that many people don’t understand nutrition and the role it plays in their overall health. Nutrition was seen as complicated and Young made it his goal to simplify it through Simple Again, a multi-pronged business that aims to bring natural, whole-foods nutrition into the fitness world. “People don’t generally R E VO LU T I O N I Z I N G T H E J U I C E B A R I N D U S T RY