Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 11

206 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 11 company is about to launch its Maternity line, which will include bump shorts, bump leggings, and compression socks with shea butter moisturizer for targeted stretch mark reduction and moisturization of the lower legs. Looking further down the line, Nufabrx has a number of other interesting developments in the works. “We have what we call the new fabrics active ingredient screening program,” Schindler explains. “And so we’ve basically got a periodic table of 40 different active ingredients that we’d like to bring to market. We’ll screen these ingredients to see which is likely to have the most value for people. In what ways do people struggle with patient compliance? Where can you have a more positive impact delivering ingredients through garments rather than using a cream or patch?” Although Nufabrx’s work may sound complicated – and it certainly requires a great deal of technical expertise and innovative thinking – the company’s ethos is a straightforward one. Whether it’s for psoriasis, arthritis, or athlete’s foot, Nufabrx is determined to have a positive impact. At the end of the day, its work is all about simplifying health and wellness for its customers. PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n CDGBrands CDG Brands extends its congratulations to Nufabrx and their entire leadership team. We are proud to collaborate with the Nufabrx, a true pioneer at the forefront of next generation fabric technologies. CDG Brands is a multi-faceted apparel decorator providing value-add services to companies including Nufabrx. For more information: contact