Business View Magazine | November 2020

66 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2020 “On the innovation and technology side, there’s a plethora of different advances, especially in imaging and going paperless. On a jobsite, you’re entering things on a tablet and systematically they’re generated into payroll, into inventory, into the order desk. It’s a seamless system so you’re not replicating things. I think that is the next stage of construction. We’ll be a lot more digital in our footprint, as well as the use of drones and robotics to inspect the structures we build. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is my focus right now; the contracts that are currently being tendered, and language specific to COVID-19 or lacking any reference to it. And getting everyone back up and running 100 percent.” BVM: How will OGCA continue to be a viable voice for its members in the coming years? Cautillo: “You’ll always need a voice to state your case for general contractors. So, the advocacy aspect doesn’t diminish or disappear. We’re still pushing forward with the WSIB to have our new separate rate category’s premium reduced to reflect our safety band cost performance. “I would love the opportunity to once again host events. That isn’t possible right now, but I think it’s helpful from a networking standpoint for members to talk to members. That’s one of the reasons we’ve moved toward a webinar format. And I want to make sure, for bidding purposes, that we have direct access to the buyers of construction, and include the ability for the owners of construction, like municipalities, to reach out and table their capital works projects for the upcoming year, so our members can ask them directly the specific questions that are pertinent to their workflow. Outside of that, it’s getting things reopened. We’re working, but not at capacity, a lot of it is projects that are taking longer than anticipated due to COVID-19, or you’re starting projects with lesser staff or workers onsite. “We want to work alongside our members to make sure there is consistency and that their voice is being heard - especially, for the small- to medium-sized contractors. We understand that sometimes they get lost in a discussion and we really want people knowing that the OGCA is there for them. COVID-19 may have solidified a new way of doing business on the health and safety aspect, and this may be the new normal from now on. So, we want to ensure that the government is acting in the best interests of our sector and construction as a whole. And we are proud to be the voice for the industry.”