Business View Magazine | November 2020

287 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2020 commerce. According to Barufaldi, “We have a lease-to-buy program where, if a company has the requisite financials, the city will finance with a bond, the lease of a fairly generic building in Enterprise Park, or other city land and allow them to lease that for up to five years. The lease-to-buy candidate pays the bond payment, the interest on the bond payment, and a small administrative fee during the lease term. The lease payments can be used as a down payment at the time of purchase within a 5-year lease window. We also don’t take anything in terms of the increased equity that develops in the building over the five years, so what we buy it for is what they buy it for and that seems to work out pretty well for us.” Five economic revitalization zones are also available and are awarded by the state. They enable businesses that invest in infrastructure, jobs, and a specified level of jobs, to receive up to $40,000 a year in business profits tax exemptions or enterprise profits tax exemptions Civilworks New England Civil, Coastal & Waterfront Engineering Permitting, Surveying Construction Phase Services 181 Watson Road Dover, New Hampshire 603-749-0443 DOVER , NEW HAMPSHI RE for up to six years. “For somebody making a transition from a rental or lease property to their own building, that can be an important incentive,” says Barufaldi. Dover is also conveniently situated within reach of four major airports, the Port of Portsmouth, and the Pease International Trade Zone. Just as Dover has witnessed a shift in the way it does business, so too has Barufaldi in his job as Economic Development Officer. He acknowledges, “I not only try to go out and attract businesses with high-tech requirements with better than average compensation levels, but I’m now finding that what I’m really trying to attract for the future – and we’re doing it – are people with highly desirable technical skills. These people, more and more, work remotely so they can live anywhere they want. So, recently, we’ve been selling the quality of life in Dover.” Housing stock is plentiful with a pick of apartments, houses, condominiums, and assisted