Business View Magazine | November 2020

267 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2020 Improvements to city infrastructure along the corridor are a top priority for establishing the business district as a vibrant and walkable downtown corridor. A review of municipal zoning is another priority for Mayor Wilder, with the goal to “provide the incentives to developers to come in and acquire rows of homes in blocks of the city and redo them. This will allow for a higher density in the core, while still enabling the city to deliver the same efficient city services to that location. There’s obviously a huge advantage to the city if there are more people there.” He adds, “We’re working on community growth, to have a diverse local economy where people have an opportunity to grow and develop. We want to maintain a healthy and safe community, for people to be active, healthy, and have a high quality of life. We want to be ‘Clean and Green.’ We’re very much aware of the importance of being environmentally sustainable and having a healthy balance of our natural and our urban spaces.” The city’s holistic approach to community planning is a refreshing take on urban/suburban development that is already paying dividends in this time of uncertainty. The Mayor acknowledges, “Economic diversification has positioned North Canton to be better insulated from the effects than most other communities with large employers. We still want to be energized. North Canton is still a caring and thriving community; a place for the arts and culture and heritage, with diversity and inclusivity. Even with the challenges that we have in our world today, we’re very much aware of how we can try to be the best that we can be for all the citizens in our city.” As North Canton enters its second century, it has developed the programs and initiatives to promote stability and growth, and to provide opportunities and options for any prospective business ventures. The city has put itself on a course to prosperity. As Mayor Wilder says, they’re working hard every day to make North Canton “A city of choice.” PREPARING TOMORROW’S LEADERS 60 Traditional Undergraduate Programs Online Degree Completion for Working Adults Graduate and Doctorate Programs Certificate Programs Take YOUR Place at WA L S H U N I V E R S I T Y Celebrating 60 Years AND FEATURING Skilled Technical Workforce Training Upskill Your Workforce *3-day Online Custom Training Workshops 3.6x4.9_Business View ad_20.indd 1 10/27/20 11:33 AM NORTH CANTON, OHIO