Business View Magazine | November 2020

251 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2020 HIGH-TECH LUXURY THAT FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE When you’re searching for your next vehicle, you don’t have to travel far to find the best. Because we are a community dealership, we take pride in helping every customer find the right vehicle that fits their lifestyle. Bob Ross Auto Group offers state-of-the-art luxury vehicles from brands you trust. Loop Rd., Centerville, OH 45459 • 937.433.0990 CENTERV I LLE , OHIO Along with multiple parks and greenspaces, Centerville also promotes several sustainability efforts, including its robust recycling programs. “We have put a lot into promoting smart recycling,” says Bostdorff. “As of last month, we are fully automated in recycling.” Mayor Compton adds, “Through the Ohio EPA, the city of Centerville received a grant for our recycling. We were one of the best in the area as far as mitigating contamination of our recyclables. We were very pleased that we were awarded that grant. Our contamination went down from 19 percent to 11 percent. And that’s very significant.” Each year, Centerville also participates in a fun, community-oriented sustainability initiative through its city-wide garage sale. “That’s very popular,” says Bostdorff. “And the week after the garage sale, we offer a no-cost service called Clean Sweep where we do a bulk waste pick up for everyone in the city.” It is initiatives like that that create the sense of small-town community pride, which is particularly unique in a city of Centerville’s size. Bostdorff notes, “People who live in this area talk about their pride in living here. And that is truly unparalleled.” For Mayor Compton, it really comes down to the spirit and vision of the city. “Progress and Stability are absolutely the trademarks of Centerville,” he says. “We continue to move forward in the areas associated with our strategic plan: our development, welcoming new people to the community, and providing the stability of the businesses in our community. We’re respecting infrastructure improvements that we’ve committed to over the years, and providing that neighborhood feeling for our community, and safe streets for our residents. I think a lot about our mission, our vision, and our values, and I keep coming back to Progress and Stability for the city of Centerville. That’s how the city achieves that delicate balance.”