Business View Magazine | November 2020

232 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2020 PREFERRED VENDORS n OCuSOFT Inc. OCuSOFT®, founded in 1986 in Richmond, Texas, is a privately-held research, development, and supply company specializing in eye and skin care. It started with a vision to address the needs of those suffering from ocular surface disease and other eye and skin care related conditions. Today, the company is most recognized for its #1 doctor- recommended brand of eyelid cleansers, OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub®, in addition to its standing as the preferred distributor of ophthalmic products and supplies by eye care professionals. OCuSOFT® provides its advanced ophthalmic and cosmetic products with the goal of improving patients’ quality of life. It accomplishes this with a highly trained sales force calling on health care professionals nationwide and a dedicated warehouse facility to ensure that orders are received and processed promptly. As part of the future growth of the company, OCuSOFT® recently opened a new 25,000-sq.-ft., fully airconditioned warehouse facility expansion with upgraded production capabilities. In addition, a new 14,000-sq.-ft. corporate administration building was also added, last year, to accommodate expanding staff operations, and a new 18,000-sq.-ft. cosmetic manufacturing building is currently nearing completion and will be fully operational in the first quarter of 2021, allowing the company to develop products on-site while expanding its research and development program. OCuSOFT® maintains a corporate culture that is professional but runs on the concept that the firm is not just a place of business but also a family. OCuSOFT® has an open-door policy where all employees have a voice, and all company information is available. OCuSOFT® offers competitive pay and benefits, an on-site gym facility with personal trainer, an on-site kitchen staff to provide home cooked meals, and a culture that cannot be matched. For example, throughout the year, employees enjoy the benefit of random raffle drawings and company special events ranging from pajama parties to cook-off contests. OCuSOFT® believes that an employee’s spirit and morale greatly influence the overall performance of the company. OCuSOFT® also gives back to many charitable organizations, including international mission trips, local and regional fundraisers, overseas U.S. military troops, and health fairs across the U.S. The company contributes to these organizations as an extension of its efforts to improve lives and make a difference in the world. Cynthia Barratt, President/CEO of OCuSOFT®, states “For 34 years OCuSOFT® has been proud to be a part of Ft. Bend County. We strive to create more career opportunities each year, and in turn, give back to our community.” n EHRA Engineering For 84 years, EHRA Engineering has provided exceptional engineering services in the Greater Houston region. EHRA is a multidisciplinary civil engineering firm able to meet clients’ needs through experience and using a reliable approach to innovative project planning and design. We deliver the best solutions for the communities we serve. n Fuller Realty Partners, LLC Stephen G. Darnall - n Texas State Technical College