Business View Magazine | November 2020

192 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2020 SSET RPORT T he Wiscasset Municipal Airport is a public-use airport located three miles southwest of the central business district of Wiscasset, a town in Lincoln County, Maine. The Airport had its beginnings in 1957, when the town purchased several parcels of land from local residents, and in 1958, when it submitted a grant application to the Civil Aeronautics Authority to begin the design process that would eventually become the Airport’s only runway. The Airport opened in 1961 with a 2,600-ft.- long turf runway and a hangar. Over the years, additional land was acquired (today, it covers an area of 196 acres); a terminal building was acquired; and the runway was extended twice – to 2,800 feet in 1962, when it was paved; and to 3,400 feet in 1968. During the period from 1968 to present, a full-length parallel taxiway was constructed, and instrument approach procedures developed for both runway ends. The mission of the Wiscasset Airport is to provide the Town of Wiscasset and the surrounding communities with a safe, reliable, AT A GLANCE THE WISCASSET MUNICIPAL AIRPORT WHAT: A general aviation airport WHERE: Near the Town of Wicasset in Lincoln County, Maine WEBSITE: GOOD, ANY TIME OF YEAR