Business View Magazine | November 2020

15 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2020 Seth Good, Vice President and Sales Director – Frank Good Builders “Any kind of pandemic or any kind of natural disaster, there are always certain companies that are going to benefit from it. Our company will benefit from everything that’s going on. We were really busy before, but it does seem that it’s made us more busy. I think people have more time on their hands than they ever had before and if they’re going to do this, let’s do it now– if it’s building, if it’s renovating, if it’s getting a home equity line of credit on their home. I’m very thankful that we haven’t been affected in a negative way. With that being the case, we also have the responsibility to give back to the community and help people who didn’t fare too well. That is a fourth quarter goal - to try and figure out what our community outreach is going to be.” Steve O’Shea –VP of Sales and Marketing - Maax Spas. “Because families are having to stay home, people are not travelling, not going on vacation; they’re not going to concerts; they’re not going out to eat as much; they’re not going to parks as much. People are congregating more at home; families are looking for more reasons to keep their family at home; more reasons to have their family visit them. During that time frame –April, May, and June - our sales went through the roof. We were one of the few hot tub manufacturers in the world that were open. We have had record days, record weeks, record months, and we have, in essence, 150 percent of a normal year’s worth of production on back order, at the moment. In 2021, we will build more hot tubs than this company has ever built before. There’s not a spa that we will build next year that won’t be delivered to a consumer’s backyard.” Max Villaronga – President & CEO - El Paso Area Teachers Federal Credit Union “From the standpoint of our position as a real community partner, we felt that now, more than ever, because these are difficult times, leaders can’t hide. We need to stay connected to the outside world, and to our community, in particular. So, we have stayed involved in a variety of different things that support frontline medical staff at local Power Question From a business perspective, what are the unexpected positives you see coming out of 2020?