Business View Magazine | November 2020

12 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2020 Ask Your Employees - • Do they have the required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as masks, gown, gloves, eye shields, and foot coverings to complete their assignments and be safe? • Are they aware of any areas or items in need of remediation to ensure everyone’s safety? Rounder Observations - • Is PPE being utilized by employees and changed according to protocol? Rounding within the work environment to capture employee perceptions on a variety of issues is a standard practice in healthcare • Is signage in traffic areas denoting expectations for how to stay safe? • Are employees practicing physical distancing? • Are public, private and reception areas set up for physical distancing and offering hand sterilization? • Are surfaces, phones, pens, PCs, i-Pads and other contact items being disinfected after use? • Are safety partitions and barriers being routinely sterilized? • Are waste receptacles readily available for the disposing of trash? Once the question responses are captured, the real value of a digital rounding platform begins to surface as you can monitor and trend employee safety opportunities by campus, unit, or shift. For instance, you may find, on weekends, a shortage in PPE equipment for various units or that physical distancing is not transpiring on the night shift. You can then remediate those opportunities and schedule those areas to be monitored through periodic surveying. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forward many new challenges in healthcare but ensuring your employees are safe should not be an issue when you leverage technology and link it to a digital rounding strategy.