Business View Magazine | November 2019

293 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2019 GA INESV I LLE , GEORGI A with the technical part of the airport - the landing systems and the lights - to be one of the most sophisticated airports in our region. And, because of that, we’re one of the biggest in the state as far as the number of aircraft that are based here. However, we hear, very consistently, from the pilots and plane owners that our facilities for them at the terminal are sub-par. So, we’re embarking on a project that’s going to approach a million dollars, to renovate it to provide more amenities for our flying community. We love having those corporate jets here; it’s great for the community and it’s great for our tax base to have those Gulfstream jets sitting at our airport.” The airport project, as well as others, are examples of the concept, in which Lackey believes fervently, that public investment is a precursor to private investment. “That’s why we’re putting as much public investment as we are into our community – roads, streetscaping, our trail system, our parks. We are a community that believes in investing in our community and we believe that private investment