Business View Magazine | November 2019

256 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2019 AT A GLANCE DIXON, CALIFORNIA WHAT: Suburban community; population approx. 19,000 WHERE: Solano County, near Sacramento WEBSITE: DIXON CALIFORNIA S ituated in Solano County, a mere 23 miles from the state capital of Sacramento, the charming City of Dixon, California’s roots were planted in the mid- 19th century quest to strike it rich. Pioneers first settled in the Dixon area in 1852, during the California gold rush, at which time the community of Silveyville was founded along a route commonly traveled by miners to and from the Pacific Coast. Three years later, Silveyville boasted a general store, post office, blacksmith, and a population of 150 people. In 1868, the Central Pacific Railroad put down tracks in the area and missed Silveyville by a few miles. So, local leaders decided to physically relocate Silveyville closer to the rail line to take advantage of the benefits of commerce and travel. Originally, the city was named “Dicksonville” after Thomas Dickson, who donated 10 acres of land for the construction of a railroad depot in the newly located community. However, when the first rail shipment of merchandise arrived from San Francisco in 1872, it was mistakenly addressed to “Dixon” and the rest, as they say, is history. From then until now, the urban landscape of the town has developed mostly in between the railroad tracks and Interstate-80. Dina Tasini, Community Development Director for the City of Dixon, gives an overview of the community. “Dixon is a town of 19,000 people in the most northern part of Solano County; adjacent to the city of Davis, and UC Davis, one of our excellent California public universities. FABULOUS AND AFFORDABLE ,