Business View Magazine | November 2019

130 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2019 looking to purchase, we can bring the airplane in here, but we can’t have it leave with people. It’s minimum fuel and minimum crew, and it has to go to one of the neighboring airports to buy fuel and have our charter people meet us there. So, we’re definitely hoping that the Airport works towards expanding, not just the runway, but other facilities. They do a great job with what’s there now. But as we all grow, we need the facilities to grow, as well, so that we can all grow, together.” Another potential growth opportunity for the Airport is an - as yet unoccupied - light industrial park right next door. “It’s about 100 acres,” says Crane. “Currently, it doesn’t have any tenants, but it is some prime property that can be developed that’s immediately accessible to the Airport.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Fay Penn Economic Development Council