Business View Magazine November-December 2018

96 97 commercial aviation provider ABOUT US: System Studies & Simulation, Inc. ( S 3 ), the parent company, acquired whol- ly owned subsidiary Kachemak Bay Flying Service in 2007 and established Part 133, 135, and 137 operations in Phoenix, AZ in support of the Forest Service and the Department of the Interior. KBFS operated in Phoenix until the spring of 2015 when the 133, 135, and 137 certificates were moved to the San Antonio FSDO and full operations were stood up at Temple Draughon-Miller Airport. In 2013, S 3 acquired Summit Aviation (which had operated at the Temple Airport since 1998) and its Part 145 certification and immediately integrated that company into KBFS. The following year, S 3 began the acquisition of Skyline Columbus, a Part 141 Pilot Training School in Columbus, GA. S 3 moved that company to Temple Airport in 2015 and immediately absorbed the operation into Kachemak Bay Flying Service. We provide rotary and fixed wing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to government and civilian general aviation aircraft We are leading provider of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Installations in Central Texas which accounts for a significant portion of our Part 145 FAA approved work. Most general aviation aircraft that fly in controlled airspace must be equipped with ADS-B by 31 Dec 2020. A very small portion of the general aviation community has completed this modification. Temple Airport is the principal location for Kachemak Bay Flying Service but the company does run a permanent Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Academy at Bob Sikes Airport in Crestview, FL, providing pilot and sensor operator training to the USAF and Partner Nation militaries. Other capabilities outside the FAA certificated operations are listed in the drafts and include such things as fire-fighting, aerial surveys, and law enforcement training. We hold FIVE FAA CFR 14 Certificates: n Part 133 – External Load Operations n Part 135 – on-demand air charter n Part 137 – Non-Toxic Agricultural Spray Operations n Part 141 – Pilot / Flight Training for both RotaryWing and FixedWing Aircraft n Part 145 – Avionics Installation and Repair Station COMING IN 2019: Certified Flight Instructor Training, Night Vision Goggle Training, Reconfigurable Training Device, Expanded Central Texas Flight Tours FULLY INSURED operations and services FLIGHT SUPPORT to US and Partner Nation Military, Police, and Commercial Customers n n Temple, TX 254-771-0077 n Crestview, FL 850-398-8699