Business View Magazine November-December 2018

92 93 trucks add a new level of service to our hangar customers while continuing to offer discounted self-serve fuel at the fuel island for the customers who do not require or desire the additional level of service. Continuing to provide self-serve fuel- ing service is important and has figured into our plans for our future renovations, and upgrading of our fuel farm ensures that we continue to meet the demands and expectations of our customers.” While some regional airports in the U.S. com- pete with nearby facilities, Gehrke doesn’t see Murfreesboro in competition for either business or base customers. “There are two airports in Rutherford County,” he explains. “The Smyrna Air- port, which was previously Sewart Air Force Base, has tremendous facilities capable of handling the largest commercial aircraft with a vast amount of available land for aviation and non-aviation related industry development. The majority of the operations at the Murfreesboro Municipal Air- port are generated from Middle Tennessee State University and Murfreesboro Aviation flight train- ing. Flight training has been, is, and will continue to be the Murfreesboro Airport’s top activity and contribution to the community and industry.With the Smyrna Airport and the Murfreesboro Airport understanding each other’s strengths and mis- sions, we work very well together to serve our community effectively and efficiently.” And when it comes to Murfreesboro Airport’s mission, Gehrke maintains that aeronautical training is key. “Even though it’s a small airport, I THE MURFREESBORO MUNICIPAL AIRPORT PREFERRED VENDOR n Murfreesboro Aviation Murfreesboro Aviation has over 75 years of combined aircraft sales experience.  We own aircraft ourselves and understand the needs of both the seller and the buyer (we’ve been both).  Our team has sold and delivered aircraft in nearly 20 countries.  Please call us!  We love talking about air- planes!  definitely see Murfreesboro being an important part of this industry,” he says, in conclusion, “especially with the universi- ty here.When we talk about providing pilots for our military, our airlines, and corporate flight services across the county; when we talk about the need for aircraft mechanics, air traf- fic controllers, and other professionals in this industry- here at Murfreesboro you see a lot of young people excited about aviation and wanting to be a part of it, starting their careers here. Generating that level of excitement and opportunities for our community and the next generation of aviation pro- fessionals is what the Murfreesboro Airport is all about.”