Business View Magazine November-December 2018

84 85 “If there are any opportunities for industrial devel- opment around aerospace,we want to make certain parcels site-ready for those types of developments to try and attract some of them, here,”Murray adds. “We think there’s a real synergy here between us and the University with their research and technical training for some of these aerospace type industries. And if we can provide a site and attract some of them here, it would be real positive for the future of the Airport.” Another area for future growth is in the Airport’s cargo operations.“We have a large UPS facility here and we also have FedEx,”Murray explains.“And as some of these other businesses start to expand, we’re seeing a greater demand for cargo, as well. So,we hope to expand those operations within our footprint.” “We do have certain parcels within the airfield, within the security fence,that we’ve alreadymapped out for future expansion”says Gula.“We also have a business parkacross the street,sowe definitelyhave some non-aviation related developments near the Airport itself,andwe’re trying to expand that,as well.” So, CAE’s focus over the coming years will be to foster corporate and economic activity at and around the Airport,while also encouraging its incumbent airlines, as well as new entrants to the market, to offer ever-improved flight options.“We have 500,000-plus enplanements each year, ap- proaching 600,000 this year,which would be our strongest year for enplanements in several years,” Murray states, in conclusion.“And we continue to grow and get stronger as the economic environ- ment of the City improves.” THE COLUMBIA METROPOLITAN AIRPORT Bankair has been in the airline business for over 35 years. Nettie Dickerson started the business in 1972 in service for local banks (therefore the name). Bankair has averaged more than 12,000 takeoffs and landings each year for the last 24 years. We are now pleased to offer charter Learjet service to you and your company to any destination in the Western Hemisphere. Our eight passenger jet, the Lear 35A, is fast, efficient, and comfortable with one of the best safety records in the business. PREFERRED VENDORS n Holt Consulting Company, LLC n Hampton Inn by Hilton Columbia I-26 Airport n Bankair/Columbia Aviation