Business View Magazine November-December 2018

34 35 division alone. Four major event types are held at the GCC: conference and conventions; consumer shows; entertainment events; and local social (weddings, family reunions, non-profit galas, etc.). The facility is a much-needed gathering space in the commu- nity and has been prosperous ever since opening its doors, 16 years ago. Greenspace behind the facilities can also be utilized for a bevy of specific outdoor requirements for conferences and con- ventions. For example, the North Carolina Electric Mu- nicipalities has held their Lineman’s Rodeo at the GCC. As Tucker explains, “A month in advance of the event, telephone poles are mounted in the ground on the greenspace and teams from local cities have skills competitions with each other – loud music is played and it’s a lot of fun. At other times, we have festivals with inflatables and rides for kids. And, of course, no outdoor event sched- ule in the South would be complete without our famous southern pig pickin’ (a party or gathering which involves the barbecuing of a whole hog). Events like a true eastern North Carolina pig pickin’ give people a real taste of southern hospi- tality.We also have a grand pedestrian plaza out front with two stunning water features. People can take a break from a conference, walk outside for a coffee or soda, sit on a bench under the trees, and relax. And no worries about being late, we have a sound system out there to announce when it’s time to reconvene.” The GCC delivers an unrivalled, exceptional experience to every guest that comes through the doors. The campus atmosphere, itself, makes the Center unique. As Tucker tells it, “There are lot of GREENVILLE CONVENTION CENTER communities where the hotels and convention center, or hotels and the city, can’t play together in the same sandbox.We are one big company with the campus, and that helps tremendously, but we also get along remarkably well with our local Greenville-Pitt County Convention and Visi- tors Bureau.We actually like each other and work well together.” For several years, the GCC has averaged over 330 event days, annually, and far more actual events, since the facilities can accommodate multiple, simultaneous events on a given day. As for entertainment shows, they run the gamut from a circus (with elephants, lions, and tigers in the building), to concerts featuring R & B and Country Music stars, comedy shows, MMA (mixed martial arts) fights - the variety is vast. Concert-type events have the capability for 3,000 attendees, but after making room for a stage and sound board and other necessary items, 2,500 is generally at capacity–with two tiers of tickets, an event could do 500 VIP and 2,000 General Admission. The GCC also does numerous religious conferences every year. The largest is the North Carolina United Methodist Conference which draws about 2,000 attendees, annually. Beyond convention and meeting spaces, the last expansion included a beautiful ballroom with a glass wall that completely opens to create a spectacular indoor/outdoor space. Perfect for an open air wedding with an indoor reception, or an outdoor cocktail party with dinner served inside, afterwards. Having three quality hotels (Hilton Greenville, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn) on campus, also offers a variety of price points for guests and conference attendees. In addition, there’s the