Business View Magazine November-December 2018

256 257 TRULY CONNECTED T he Municipality of the District of Yar- mouth, affectionately known as MODY by its 9600 residents, is a diverse collection of communities on the southern tip of Nova Scotia.The landscape is an endearing mix of four-season beauty with scenic hills, lakes, forests, and ocean vistas. Career opportunities abound in fishing, forestry, agriculture, light manufacturing, re- tail, personal and professional services, and creative arts. Celebrating global ethnicity, the Municipality of Yarmouth is an ideal place to put down roots, em- brace work/life balance, and contribute to a lively, hard-working community. The best way to get behind-the-scenes intel on a region’s economic strategy is to go to the source. With that in mind, Business ViewMagazine spoke with MODY representatives Victoria Brooks (CAO), Leland Anthony (Warden), and Mark Blinn (Economic Development Officer) for a first-hand overview of ongoing initiatives.The following is an edited tran- script of that conversation. BVM: What types of businesses are driving your economy? Brooks: “Council is very cognitive of our fishing, forestry, and agriculture sectors, but they also have an interest in using emerging technologies like green energy and bio-diversity to leverage those sectors for a new economic reality for our commu- nity.We still have some of the traditional processes and resource management techniques in place, but once something is harvested, there are new activ- MUNICIPALITY OF THE DISTRICT OF Yarmouth NOVA SCOTIA