Business View Magazine November-December 2018

214 215 COMMITTED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION n Concrete n Sand & Grave n Road Building n Excavating 3001 N. Townsend, Montrose, Colorado • 970-249-2431 Proud partner to Montrose and surrounding communities for over 60 years PREFERRED VENDOR n Western Gravel Inc. 970-249-2431 co-working culture. It’s actually revitalized an entire block; there are no empty storefronts on that block and that’s an example of how the City partnered with a local business for a vibrant downtown.” Rosty adds that the City has also implement- ed a mixed-use building incentive program to incentivize downtown building owners to build residential units in the upstairs of their build- ings in order to attract younger generations of people who prefer a walkable community where they’re able to be close to their work, shopping, or dining. “We have kicked off our first project and it’s almost complete,” she states. “There are five residential units on top of a downtown restaurant and bookstore.We’ve also partnered with the building owners to ensure that there is storage for outdoor recreation items like bikes and kayaks because we’re really being mindful about the type of people we’re trying to attract to downtown.” Rosty reports that the population of Montrose is growing at a rate of two-to-three-percent a year, riding on the coattails of the State of Colorado’s current population explosion. But the City, itself, has many attractive features. “The community re- ally sells itself,” she avers. “We have over 300 days of sunshine and we have a fairly diverse economy. Tourism is the main industry driver because we MONTROSE, CO have access to all sorts of outdoor recreation, but we also have a bit of agriculture, construction, healthcare, and government. “On top of that, we’ve got a forward-thinking and business-minded Manager and City Council, so it’s a very attractive place to do business.We’re mindful for creating an economy that’s sustain- able even through another economic downturn. And we have access to amenities like shopping and medical and dining, so that people don’t have to travel outside the community to have those things.” “Montrose focuses on quality of life,” Rosty says, in conclusion. “We’ve really established ourselves as the base camp to all outdoor recreation. It’s an enjoyable place to be.”