Business View Magazine November-December 2018

138 139 T he American Boiler Manufacturers As- sociation (ABMA) was founded in 1888 and, according to its President and CEO, Scott Lynch, it is the longest continu- ously operating trade association in the United States. “We were founded to deal with the safety issue of boilers,” he says. “There were a number of accidents that occurred related to people oper- ating boilers, and our industry came together to work towards addressing that issue. The organiza- tion has evolved over the years, but safety is still a critical focus with our membership in addition to energy efficiency and other related business challenges.” Today, the ABMA’s continual mission is to lead and unite the boiler industry through advocacy, education, awareness, and a commitment to pro- vide solutions for the problems of its members. LEADERSHIP FOR THE BOILER INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE THE AMERICAN BOILER MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION WHAT: A manufacturer’s trade association WHERE: Vienna, Virginia WEBSITE: THE AMERICAN BOILER MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION