Business View Magazine November-December 2018

110 111 in the past year, we had a bypass open around the city and it goes straight to a business/industrial park on the south side of Terre Haute,” he notes. “So, we’re going to try and leverage that for logis- tics.With the land that we have available, we’re going to try and start offering up some new in- centives. Because of the convenience of us sitting right off the edge of I-70, we’ll try to open up our horizons to do some business out there.” In fact, about 250 acres of Airport property, designated as “Aerotech Park,” are located within an Airport Development Zone with Foreign Trade Zone capabilities, enabling companies to leverage incentives that would allow them to compete na- tionally and internationally. The Park has airside and landside sites available for long-term ground lease development. Other incentives can be facil- itated through the cooperation of the Airport and the Terre Haute Economic Development Corpo- ration. Examples of industries that the Airport could accommodate include, but are not limited to, corporate flight departments, aircraft mainte- nance repair and overhaul facilities, light industri- al, manufacturing, and warehouse distribution. Aerotech Park capitalizes on Indiana’s robust in- frastructure, which includes: 41 freight railroads; 14 interstates including I-70, I-74, I-69, I-65, and I-80; and three ports within 120 miles, all acces- sible by rail. “Also, we’re very centrally located,” Hauser adds, in conclusion. “We’re within 200 What Sets Us Apart. Enjet is a Kansas City-based aerospace company that provides critical machined and fabricated parts to the engine sector of the aerospace and defense industries. We specialize in components and assemblies for the hot section of aircraft engines, and we deliver those parts – on time and on budget– to OEM’s and other customers. We offer a breadth of solutions across our manufacturing facilities, each with a unique capability – delivering everything from the smallest turned and machined fuel nozzle component to 50+-inch diameter combustor rings. Drilling & Cutting•Milling & Turning•Fabricating•Assembly Inspection•Engineering & Systems•Robotics & Automation CONTACT US: 913.717.7396 | 812-917-5571 THE TERRE HAUTE REGIONAL AIRPORT miles of Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, and Nashville, with very long runways and a lot of ramp spaces. And we’re easy to get in and out of.” Designated as the Indiana Airport of the Year in 2017, the Terre Haute Regional Airport looks as if it has many more outstanding years ahead. PREFERRED VENDORS n Hoosier Aviation Since 2011 Hoosier Aviation has been a thriving, General Aviation focused local owned business by valuing the satisfac- tion of its customers, and continuously providing True Hoosier Hospitality! We provide five-star service without the high costs, while continuing to maintain the highest quality service to our gen- eral Aviation and DOD. n Enjet Aero n Turbines Inc. YOUR #1 PT6 OVERHAUL/REPAIR ALTERNATIVE 812.877.2587 /turbinesinc SERVICE | VALUE | TRUST SINCE 1981 DEDICATED TO PT6 ENGINES