Business View Magazine | May 2021

103 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MAY 2021 resorts and homes. It’s actually a former mining settlement that was purchased in its entirety and completely reimagined with authentic, immersive experiences in stunning natural surroundings. Patton shares that Dunton Destinations is “a great asset to the region” and contributes to a large amount of private/charter aircraft movement at the airport. “All this highlights the potential for development,” says Patton, “and is allowing us to see that there are other possibilities. We have begun working with Mesa Verde County and Chamber of Commerce, as well as the CREA (Cortez Retail Enhancement Association) to get more advertising and tourism work done. The truth is there is room for expansion on the airport, and room for business expansion on the west side across the road from the airport, where there are three pieces of commercial real estate currently for sale.” CORTEZ MUNI C I PAL A I RPORT The only limitations are on the east side of the airfield, the southwest side has a lot of usable land which would be easy to develop for commercial businesses or private hangars. “The north is going to be the new terminal, parking, and maintenance facilities,” says Patton, “but there is much room for development, and business is really picking up in this area. Because we currently have no available hangars, and a long waiting list, we are also looking at new land lease agreements. We’re working on developing an architectural review committee that will better facilitate those inquiries and decide what is needed. We want all our future development to be streamlined, effective, and in keeping with our new Master Plan.” There is a sense that multiple revenue streams are needed, and the realization that they often come from unexpected sources. This year, for example, saw several regional agencies, like the fire and police departments, doing driving training on the runway or helicopter training Courtesy of Jeremy Patton