Business View Magazine | May 2021

100 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MAY 2021 T he city of Cortez, Colorado has a fascinating history that goes back thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years. The Capote and Muache peoples settled these valleys and mesas before recorded time, making it and the nearby Mesa Verde National Park and Crow Canyon a national historic treasure. The city, itself, now boasting 9,000 people at the centre of Montezuma County, began In 1886 and was named for Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. It was built as a town to provide housing for the men working on the tunnels and irrigation ditches required to divert water out of the Dolores River and into Montezuma Valley. The city is a place of tradition, built on tradition– and that goes for the local Cortez Municipal Airport, as well. The airport is actually pre-dated by its FBO, Cortez Flying Service, that began in 1948, well before AT A GLANCE CORTEZ MUNICIPAL AIRPORT WHAT: A busy general aviation airport WHERE: Cortez, Colorado WEBSITE: