Business View Magazine | May 2019

44 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MAY 2019 PREFERRED VENDORS n Staging Solutions Staging Solutions, your in-house creative production partner at the George R. Brown, provides creative design, management, and production services, as well as an expert team of directors, project managers, craftspeople, and problem solvers. Our theatrical approach to every event means that even traditional, standard-format events engage audiences in unique ways. We begin by cultivating a thorough understanding of our client’s vision and dedicating the resources of our 15,000 square foot, in-house scenic workshop to the realization of that vision. Our designers fabricate custom scenic elements with a quality-control process that delivers both excellence and accuracy from concept to completion, while our producers ensure that the project stays on schedule and within scope. Our expertise and consistency ensure that our clients always look their best. In addition, we craft media content, graphic design, and other visuals that engage audiences and underscore core messaging. At the intersection of creativity and technical execution, we develop content in any dimension, and on any surface. Our in-house media department can shoot original content, animate, or use our in-house studio to create the perfect complement to your overall event design. Since 1997, Staging Solutions has activated brands, motivated people, and created unique experiences across the globe. n Levy Restaurants n Hilton Americas-Houston