Business View Magazine | May 2019

33 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MAY 2019 competitive and that means that the weaker agents are going to fall off and the stronger agents are going to stand out, even more. “I’m actually excited, because when the economy slows down, people are going to stop advertising as much because they have to cut costs. What I’m doing is saving my money. Instead of going out and buying things, I’ve been stockpiling it away in what I call the ‘recession account.’ So, when the market does get really soft, I’m going to double down on my advertising. People are going to get nervous about spending money, and then I’m going to double what I spend in the worst times. Like they say, ‘You don’t get rich in good markets; you get rich in bad markets.’ THE MATT LAR I CY GROUP People are still going to be buying and selling and when they only see a few, select number of people out there, because we’re the only ones advertising, that’s what is going to put us ahead.” Another way Laricy intends to stay ahead is by building up his share of the luxury market, while still taking care of the lower-end buyers and sellers. “I used to do a couple of million-dollar sales a month,” he states. “I’m now doing a couple of million-dollar sales every week. Last year, I did 359 transactions; this year, I’m on pace to do about 420, and I’d say a little over a hundred of them are going to be million-dollar sales, including a couple above four million. So, it’s exciting to see. I’m going to continue to build the luxury division of our